The Prairie That Nature Built

This is the rain that splatters the ground,
And quenches the fire
that blazed all around.
This is a spread from The Prairie That Nature Built, written by Marybeth Lorbiecki, illustrated by me, Cathy Morrison, and published by Dawn Publishing. It comes out September 1, 2014.

A wild prairie is a lively place in this rhythmic romp with munchers and crunchers above and below the grasses so thick, and fires that flare, and rains that quench and always the prairie grows green. Back matter offers information and activities for a fuller appreciation of this marvelous, disappearing habitat.


June said...

So much detail!
I'm glad to read that the rain put out the fire.
Children will love your illustrations in this Nature book.

Cathy Morrison said...

Thank you June. I appreciate you saying that and also appreciate all you do for PBAA, especially with the blog.

June said...

Thanks for your appreciation Cathy :)