Daisylocks, coming spring 2014
written by Marianne Berkes, illustrated by Cathy Morrison
It's December and our word for this month is Reindeer.
The big guy on the left of my illustration is officially a caribou. I'm not sure of the difference but I'm including this for my contribution to the PBAA blog. Happy December everybody.


June said...

Thanks for sharing on our group Blog.
A lovely piece Cathy. I wouldn't have guessed it as digital!

Cathy Morrison said...

Thank you, June. I appreciate your nice comments a lot.

After being a traditional artist my entire life, I switched to digital the last six or seven years, working on a Cintiq in Painter. This works so much better for me.

And thanks for the "Reindeer" suggestion. It'll be fun to see what everybody comes up with.