A sneak peek at dinosaurs...

It's that time again... time for a sneak peek of my almost finished new ebook app. I had a f-appulous time making it.  The materials used in creating this app are:

* InteractiveTouchBooks software - a fabulous program
* Pencil & paper - images drawn on paper and then scanned.
* Scanner - Wacom
* Photoshop - to color in the drawings and to add the type. The text is rasterized and treated like an image.
* USB microphone - (for recording voices) $29 - even an inexpensive microphone can work very well.
* GarageBand - for changing the voices into different characters and for making and exporting sound clips - easy to learn.
* music and sound effect sources - copyright free

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Susan Miller said...

This is so great, thanks for sharing how you do it.