My teaching experience

This sample represents two new endeavors on my part: teaching and painting digitally. I'm still not crazy about the digital line, so I draw with my old fashioned crow quill and scan it. I also prefer working with real paints; the imperfections of watercolor on cold press paper, but I am inching along on my digital painting learning curve. As much as I love watercolor, I do get frustrated with how it reproduces.
And the teaching...I'm inching my way towards 60 hours of student teaching in k-7, and in k-12 so I can get certified to be an art teacher, (as if teaching art is a growth industry in today's education climate!). I'm a few years away from being an "empty nester" as my own children approach college age, and I'm thinking it would be nice to supplement my income with something that involves interacting with other humans on a regular basis.

John Steven Gurney


Janet said...

Well done, John, on both endeavors! Your illustration is very charming. My sister's an art teacher and loves it. Good luck!

Ellen B said...

LOL - is this how you envision your future classroom?
:-) he he
Congrats on persevering with the digital tools -- and I know what you mean about approaching the empty nest - I'm in grad school planning to do something outside the house after my son goes off to college next year. Yes and interacting with humans, good idea.

cheryl said...

What program are you painting in, John?

John Steven Gurney said...

In answer to Cheryl's question... Photoshop.