Holiday for bears!

Going to Camp Bruno
A summer holiday camp for small bears

This little bear appeared on my paper when I was sketching. He is eagerly awaiting the bus to take him to the holiday camp for small bears.

Sketched roughly in 2B pencil, scanned and then digitally coloured in Photoshop. This gave me a chance to learn how to add textures, but it is tempting to overdo all the patterns and effects, so I tried to keep it simple.
I think it is still too fussy a drawing - but a small step forward towards a new way of working for me.

June Goulding


Sally Springer said...

This is adorable, June! I think that the simplicity and texture are just right.
It is tempting to use all the patterns and effects!!

Janet said...

Very sweet, June! You've managed to keep a charming, hand drawn feeling.

Ellen B said...

Sweeeeeeet .. summer holiday camp!
Congratulations on using the digital textures. Lovely.

Paige Keiser said...

LOVVVE this June! I thought for sure it was traditional!

Susan Miller said...

You did a beautiful job, it looks great.

Joanne Friar said...

This is really cute, June! Love the subtle colors and the expression on his (or her) little face.

John Nez said...

Nice digital coloring of a charming drawing!