Step by Step Cake Making


Just like making a cake... artistry is easily accomplished with a step by step method.

I find it's the singing of 'Happy Birthday!' that's the hard part. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to hit the right note from the start?


June said...

John, your recipe for making digital illustrations makes it look foolishly easy :o)
But I am not fooled, and I can't cook very well either!

Susan Miller said...

I just noticed it was actually a step by step, that is terrific, I love the textures you use, great illustration.

Joanne Friar said...

Great step by step - love that little raccoon!

John Nez said...

Thanks! Often it's scans of real paint that I use for digital texture. But then again, it's also fun to find textures in nature from photographs to use. Plywood, sand, paper, concrete... so many to choose from!