Saxby Smart on his bike.

This is a drawing from SAXBY SMART, PRIVATE DETECTIVE: THE CURSE OF THE ANCIENT MASK by Simon Chesire, 2009. First published in the UK, there are several books in the Saxby Smart series. But, they didn't have any art. This is your basic ink and crowquill drawing. Like most of these b&w chapter book illustrations, I didn't show the publisher sketches first. Just sent in the scanned art and they commented on that. Fewer changes that way. On the other hand, the cover was quite a slog. So, this is my first post. Am I writing too much? Bob.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are just so wonderful. . .well your animals are too! Love this!

John Nez said...

Great bike... it's always just the feeling that counts in any art.

What I like about your drawing is the magic of leaving things out. I'll have to work on that myself.

So post some more already!