Bicycles? Impossible to draw! Two perfect ellipses, fit into a complex triangle shape... and forget the handlebars!

This is a sketch I wanted to use in my bicycle book. A scene of flying over the rooftops and chimneys... into the night. I'm sorry I never got to use it, since it was one scene that sort of motivated the inspiration for the book.

It's fun to look back at all the old sketches that an artist never uses. They're very telling. If I ever get a chance to take my book to schools, I'll enjoy showing the first dummy... which is at least 70% different from the final version.

I'm not sure the final refinement is always the best.


Anonymous said...

This whole illustration looks complicated John! Well done!

R. W. Alley said...

John, I really like the feel of this piece. The view is clear, yet very dramatic. Nicely energetic linework. And, what about that auto clipart drop in? New style? A little swing to collage? Or, just the inner workings of putting together a sketch?

Stephen Aitken said...

Very cool John. I love the loose quality of this, the movement and the study in value. I agree, sometimes the thumbnail sketches are the best part of the project. It is hard to hold onto that spontaneity...specially with art directors breathing down your neck or approval by committee (the worst for killing the life in a work of art).
Nice work!!