Another Non-Robot: new art style

Well, I finally did the first piece of finished art in my "new style"... cleaner, less dimensional, clean line with washes that don't respect object edges. It is rather fun, and really frees me up. Strangely hard to do when one is used to drawing things "as they are", ie in space. The other thing that is new, is that I have my new Epson Expression 10000XL Graphic Arts scanner, and for once (first time since I first got a computer in 1998) I can actually scan my artwork and capture pale washes of cyan blue... witness this cover.

As I am submitting the work digitally, I took scans at each step and allowed myself to continue working it, thinking if I didn't like the next thing I did, I could just submit the previous scan as final art. AND I could clean up a blob of ink that fell onto the original too, in the digital version. WOW! I am happy to be able to work traditionally and still cleanup and send to the client digitally.

This piece was less touchy than my regular style to scan, since I didn't really care if the colors were exact or not... there is no realistic green grass that looks horrid if too bright, or realistic skin tones that look off.

Anyways, here are three stages of this cover.

It is dip pen (with artistcolor opaque acrylic ink so it wouldn't run when I washed over it) with artistcolor transparent acrylic inks applied with a paintbrush, and the hair is black grease pencil.


Leanne said...

haha! It is funny I "took a chance" between colored versions 1 and 2: the change is so minimal: but I colored her sandals pink and some skintones.

Cecily said...

I like this loose style of yours! It's very fresh and looks like you really had fun with it.

John said...

Leanne this is lovely!

Joanne said...

It looks really fun and lively - you've inspired me to loosen up!
(Congratulations on your new scanner).

Janet said...

very nice and moody- love the contrast in the hair done with grease pencil.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Leanne. This new style is lovely. The interesting layout and careful handling of the media has always been expected in your work. It's still you, in other words. The pose makes me wonder about the story you're illustrating and I'm sure others will, too.
May you always find a supply of those inks when needed.

Barbara Lanza

Leanne said...

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to look and comment... I really appreciate it. Only Kevan saw sketches, and it is so strange to be offering something completely different from what I have been doing professionally for nearly 20 years... I don't have any professional (ie clients) feedback yet... though the author loves it! yay!