Spaghetti on the Moon

Not the finished product but this illustration was done for a new ABC TV series, to air in the new year, called Happy Town.
It was fun to do, they were great people to work with and we will see if I have my one second of fame, look quick or you'll miss it, or if I will end up on the cutting room floor:)


Cristina said...

I saw this just now on tv - pretty cool!

This looks so familiar to me though!!The name is nostagic too but I just can't place it so i had to look it up once I saw it.Is it a real book?Seriously I feel like I have seen this before.In any case I really like this peice and I obviously think you did a good job. ^_^

christine tripp said...

Cristina, thanks so much:)
No, it's not a real book, I was contacted by the show's AD to do a prop book (so it's just a cover and did one interior as well)

I don't know if they will be using it in a further episode or if that was it, my one second:)
Your right though,It was kind of cool :)