Moons by Layne Johnson

Moons seem to almost be requirements in my books. Full moons are a natural place for text, too. I’ve done loads of lunar activity!

From Christmas for a Kitten

From Farmer George Plants a Nation

From Off Like the Wind, the First Ride of the Pony Express

From Where Horses Run Free

Posted on behalf of Layne Johnson


June said...

I love the way you use light in your work, and your skies are always so special.

frajil said...

The light in all three pieces is incredible coupled with wonderful perspective....I envy you your drawing skills.


Layne said...

Thank you for the ear burns! I am a big fan of luminism, be it Fitz Hugh Lane or Carravagio. And I love doing clouds. I'm doing some interesting angles through clouds in the book I'm just finishing now. And Santa is involved! Clouds would be a neat blog subject.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Wow, I am agog. Such beauty!

Ceciy said...

Love the luminous quality and that horse running gives that feeling of wilderness. Beautifully-I am also in awe of your drawing skills!