The Big Draw ~ Draw me a pig!

In recognition of the official Big Draw Day on the 10th of October, I sketched whilst at my local library with fellow illustrator Frances Cony. We chose the theme of drawing a 'pig' as a pig is the adopted mascot of our regional illustrators group in the UK. (SWillustrators, is abbreviated to 'SWill', and swill is pig feed!)

I put our sketches on my blog, and then thought it might be nice to open The Big Draw ~ Draw me a pig! challenge up to others throughout the month of October!
Feel free to send me a scan of your own pig sketch if you want to join in on my Blog Big Draw 2009! I will post your pig drawing, and credit it with your name and a link to your blog or website.

So here is the rough pencil sketch that eventually resulted from my Big Draw moment at the library...


Ellen B said...

Mmmm, nice one. Cozy.

Breadwig said...

Love love love this drawing. Makes me wish I could hang out with those characters.