Newbie Illustrator

Okay, even though this is off topic, I thought I'd jump in and show one of my earliest illustration assignments. This was a spot illustration for Sales and Marketing Magazine...yup, just as exciting as it sounds but whoever turns down work when they're starting out? The article was about redecorating the Reader's Digest offices in hopes it would inspire the employees.



June said...

The blog is a perfect place for sharing all kinds of stuff so this isn't is 'off topic' at all here :o)

This is rather a good illustration, especially for a newbie starting out! ...I'm not sure I am brave enough to share any of my first commissions, even if I could find them.
Welcome to the blog Steven.

Marilee said...

Wow - this is quite accomplished for your first illustration assignment! I really cringe at my early art. I've learned a lot as I've gone along!