A recent invention...

LinkHere's an invention from my last book, Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle.

I had a great time adding in shadows with photoshop and experimenting with trying to set the lighting as a lantern. I'm sure it would have been very difficult to paint outright, but photoshop allows one to paint and repaint until it all works out.

I've lately found myself doing lots of inventing in the more mundane form of remuddling my bathroom. So my life has looked a bit like this scene.

Art is like Remodeling... it's all about invention and problem solving.

Necessity is the mother of invention of course... but in the case of do-it-yourself artists and remodelers, necessity is due to our minuscular incomes which make hiring out services problematic.

We're lucky to be able to do it ourselves.


frajil said...

I love the art and your musings.
You have a great line. It is pencil, brush? Anyway I then had to go to your website and then the website for the book, and then the video...and and ....

congratulations on such great reviews!

David Opie said...

John, you have a great blend of humor, cartooniness, realism, detail, texture ... and a pleasing palette!