Rocks with faces

About twenty years ago Susan and I published a book called SPACE ROCK. It starts out with a kid walking home from school who discovers a cool-looking rock that looks like it has a face, something like the rock above. Later that night, when the rock begins talking to him from his bedside table, he begins to realize that this is no ordinary rock. Ever since then I have kept an eye out for rocks with faces when walking in places where they are likely to lurk. So far none of them have begun talking to me, but the search goes on. We keep our collection is a metal tin that once housed a selection of Harrods chocolates. Until recently I looked on this collection as one of our more useless possessions. But then I thought of a use -- I could post it on our website! If anyone would like to see our entire collection of rocks with faces (and a few shells), there is a link on the WHAT'S NEW page of our website.

1 comment:

June said...

Great witchy face in that rock!
I'd be terrified if it spoke to me though.