Here comes the Sun!

Nothing’s going to grow without the Sun, right? I just happen to have one or two handy. The left image was the first one... looks too much like a flower and doesn’t have enough **glow**. Time to paint another one with my trusty black watercolor on Strathmore drawing paper. Scan, remove white background, color in Photoshop. For more details on that process, check this post on my studio blog. Definitely more glowing.
Note that the middle Sun was a tad heavy on the left, so the left side was selected and moved right a few notches. It kind of looks like a potato print, doesn’t it? In the book I’m working on, the simple right image is what has to be used due to space limitations. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t add a few more touches:
That’s more like it... must find a way to use this(!) If you want to see more of the above illustration “by the layer” including an exploded view, check out this post.

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Freddie Levin said...

Very interesting to see your process!