Tiny Paintings

This subject is perfect for what I have been spending my time on the last couple of months.
Hand painted Christmas Ornaments called Jingle Bulbs.
After spending alot of time doing illustrations for companies I felt a need to create my own work.
I feel like these bulbs are my version of little tiny paintings. I use little tiny brushes and the day goes by very fast.


June said...

Lovely tree ornaments Susan. You must have great patience and a steady hand :o)

Breadwig said...

I really dig these. Especially those great little angels. Nicely done.

Anni Matsick said...

Very nice, Susan!

Sharon Vargo said...

Wow = beautiful work Sue!

Connie M said...

Fun. They sell for what--$100 apiece? ;-) Makes me want to put work aside and do the same.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...For all your encouragement(s)
Happy Holidays,