Messing with colours

I mentioned on PBA how I've been exploring alternative colours for old "straight" watercolours using the command-u option in Photoshop. Here's an example. This is an old exhibition piece from a few years back, nice enough perhaps, but orthodox.

But playing with the hue/saturation tool creates a much more funky image, a whole new direction perhaps? If I were to do something similar again, how about a green sky?

Or bright red perhaps?

These are lurid colours, but if they were painted in watercolour rather than twisted in Photoshop I'd get a lot of the subtle tones and lose the garishness. Not every picture works as well, I think this one does because of the strong black line, and I still have the tonal balance of the original, don't you think? Maybe I should start planning a book like this!



June said...

I like the blue toned houses. That red sky looks angry though!
This is a great way to test colour effects.
I still tend to be rather safe with my colours, but like you I have been playing with images in Photoshop to see how the mood changes in different colourways.

Peggy Collins said...

What fun image... I like what you are doing - it definitely changes the mood. i LOVE the line work.