Jodie McCallum's Tiny Nativity Set

This tiny Nativity Set - figures about 2 1/2" high has been licensed to Dicksons of Seymour, IN. They have been granted National & International rights to distribute to their accounts. The figures are made of a poly-resin material, so it's pretty indestructable to the little folks that will be playing with it.

The image above is a new book in process, based on the little characters. Its title is "The First Christmas"

We are looking to license this property to other manufacturers/publishers in the juvenile market - if anyone could suggest a good licensing agency, it would be appreciated. Thanks, and a Happy Holidays all.


Breadwig said...

well, if that's not the bees knees, I don't know what is.

June said...

Please tell me, which came first... the illustrated characters or the models? They match up so perfectly.

GrantJodie said...

Hi Bryan & June, I'm not sure I'm leaving my comments correctly by answering you both at the same time, I'm not too good at this blog stuff! First, thanks Bryan.
The 3/D models came first, the manufacturer in China, (were else?), was supplied a full color front and side view of each character. The molds were made and figures painted to reflect the images that Jodie supplied them. The 3/D samples you see were forwarded to us for an OK. They have been shipped back to China for the production run.
The Book cover is complete and the manuscript is in process, it is all in rhyme and it's from the animals point of view.
A fun project for sure!

June said...

Thanks for the info. It is interesting to know how the whole package came together. They are a good match. I hope it sells really well... and why shouldn't it with such cute little characters!

Anni Matsick said...

Oh, so cute! What fun for little fingers to play with!

GrantJodie said...

Thanks Anni, the characters measure about 2 1/2" high, the proportions will enable the small child to grasp the heads and they are idestructable (we hope)! This product conception dates back to 2002, and finally will be introduced next year at the various trade shows around the country.