The Case of the Altered Post Cards

Daedalus Books is offering a boxed set of 30 Nancy Drew post cards for $2.98.  I don't think I could make it through a whole Nancy Drew novel any more, but I am still very fond of Nancy as an icon of repressed glamor.  Some of the images in the set are very nice.  Others, I have found, benefit from a little improvement.


Marilee said...

Spooky... and funny! I've never been able to get through a single Nancy Drew book.(Okay, half-way once.) She was always a little too perfect for me. Her world and friends needed a little fixing.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

By the way, THE BALCK KEYS are a ROCKIN bluesy band!

John said...

great stuff! Now I've got to order the whole series! Nancy Drew has never been big in the UK, we had Enid Blyton to keep the evil criminal classes in order.

I used to get into trouble for "improving" weekly magazines like this. My parents couldn't understand it was all another form of creative expression.