Once more I've been digging through the archives, turning up pieces of work never seen before in public.

Here's one from waaaaay back, at the very start of my career in London before I had any thoughts of living in the Far East. In my dad's loft somewhere there's a whole portfolio of student and pre-Japan work I need to go through. But I'm leaving that well alone until I've somewhere to store it. I'm surprised how little my work has actually changed since the 1980's!


June said...

John, I couldn't guess who's work this was at first, but once I realised it was yours, I could see the connection in the line style.
I think this piece is strong, and it has 'aged' very well.

Marilee said...

I love your characters, John! Has it really been that long since the eighties? How time flies... but a good illustration is eternal!

Breadwig said...

This is great. I especially like the guy on the far right. Ha!

John said...

I remember I carefully wrote the titles of all the books in my library on the wall behind (well I had more time on my hands in those days!). But then realised the figures were getting lost so added a tone over it with a mouth ink-spray. Better picture, but all the at detailed work on thee books was lost.

We learn these lessons as we go on!