The School Play and Why I hate Tom Sawyer

Some kids thrive on it. For others, this is the stuff of nightmares... the dreaded, much anticipated school play... hours and hours of time and energy. Some kids shine in the spotlight and others trip all over themselves after throwing up in the broom closet three times... it doesn't help when mom's don't read instructions on proper stocking colour... well - you get the picture!


June said...

You captured it nicely, with a lovely illustration. I feel that child's despair!
I too wonder if all those hours spent practising, along with the sleepless nights and nerves are fair to those children who would prefer not to perform.

Peggy Collins said...

After a particular incident involving the wrong colour stockings and a froggy throat, I ended up doing sets instead ; )

Marilee said...

I can sure relate, Peggy. For me it was my daughter's dance recitals. Gluing on sequins, buying the stockings... and her teacher always insisted that the shoes match the color of the costumes. That meant spray painting $40 pairs of tap shoes fuchsia or chartreuse.