throwing juice and sunshine

Living and working with an almost three year old has it's challenges.

During lunch today, a phone call came from a client. As I was answering a complicated (for them) colour question - my son decided (uncharacteristically I might add) to launch his dark purple juice into the living room. Onto the carpet, couch and all over the kitchen floor. Now he is a great kid - usually, but it seems that whenever I am talking to a client he becomes this little demon bent on making me look as unprofessional as possible.
Thankfully, this client was a daycare.
They understood.
I was MAD.
Now, he has been sleeping for over two hours. I went up and got a little cuddle in and watched his perfect little face and marveled at how peaceful my headstrong little guy looked.

Now, my work is done for the afternoon, and I WANT him to wake up. We can go eat peas in the garden and check on our zucchini and raspberries. We can dance in the sun and watch dragonflies. We can snap dragons.
After all, he is my inspiration.


Marilee said...

This brings back memories, Peggy. My son and daughter together (!) would do the same when I was on the phone with clients. Seems like they're three, and then all of a sudden they're in college, like mine. Gotta enjoy them when you have them, as you are! Love your sunny art!

June said...

My friend has the same trouble with her son whenever she is on the 'phone to me about illustration work!
Still, you do seem to have managed to juggle a three year old and illustration work rather well! This illustration is lovely and I am sure your son is too... on a good day.

Lisa M Griffin said...

what a beautiful post and so true! When my daughter was a baby I would put her in a baby swing and schedule client calls around that so she would stay quiet. I even had a client comment once on the music in the background (which was coming from the swing) but that I tuned out! Ahhh the balancing act of home and family, and they stay little for such a short time. Glad to hear that you had some outdoor playtime to enjoy as well. thanks for sharing.