Great Goose Egg Auction

Here's a look at the egg I submitted for this year's Great Goose Egg Auction. Even though the deadline to get eggs into their catalog has passed, I think there's still time to get eggs into the auction itself. So I'm planning to do another one this week and send it in.

I am crazy-busy with illustration projects right now, but still needed to take the time to play. So working on this egg was a great holiday from regularly scheduled art specs. (And -- if you haven't already -- you've gotta try drawing and painting on the velvety smooth surface of an egg -- it is glorious fun. You just have to keep a light grip on your working surface, or you'll crush your own art...)


June said...

The colours of the little monsters around your egg are so vibrant and wonderful, this is sure to be a popular piece at the auction.
Good luck, I hope it raises lots of dosh.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Rock on! Wildly cool! That is gonna ring up some business at the auction!

Amy Huntington said...


The egg is just GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors and it is obvious you had fun with it!

Anonymous said...

They are just adorable! I love them all. You did an incredible job!