Challenging Yourself

This recent thread on the PBAA list got me thinking...I think I've learned a whole lot about using color intelligently, about making choices based on temperature and relationships. The above image is an example of the first time I tried it. I wanted the figures to be dressed in cool colors, and the background to be all warm colors. Loved it!
I'm pretty sure I heard teachers talking about color theory...but maybe because it sounded too much like math is the reason I didn't pay attention. I wish I had!


Stephen Aitken said...

Gorgeous Nicole. I love it. The characters pop out of the page...and no math required!

June said...

I didn't pay attention to colour theory lectures either... but I can see it works here. :o)

Ellen B said...

Lovely illustration Nicole. The cool/warm colors thing works and overall it is just a real nice image.