My own personal Santa...

At this time of year, my white-bearded, bald husband puts aside his normal hats, and frequently dons one more in keeping with the season. If the house is cool, he wears it inside. He garners smiles if he has to go out to do errands.
This sketchbook entry is from last Christmas eve, as we continued our holiday tradition of reading aloud, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Happy Holidays to everyone!


June said...

Lovely, lovely post and diary entry Consie. Family traditions are what bring warm fond memories to mind as we move on.
I shall imagine the Christmas Carol reading happening again in your home this year, and maybe I'll reach for a copy and read along with you myself, many miles away.

Phyllis Harris said...

I love seeing your sketchbook stuff, Consie! Gorgeous stuff and fun to read.