Digital or Acrylic

Since we have been chatting so much about the Wacom Cintiq and digital art I thought I'd share a post from my own blog.

Lately, I have been working in two different mediums. For educational work, I get a lot of requests for my digital watercolor style and then with trade work or other projects I have been doing my traditional acrylic style. I experimented with a piece that I sketched in Painter using my Wacom Cintiq and then painted it in digital watercolor and then did another one in traditional acrylics and as you will see I made a few changes.


June said...

An interesting expreiment Phyllis.
Out of interest, which took longer to do, and which do you like the best?

Phyllis Harris said...

The traditional acrylic took just a little bit longer but not much. As of right now I enjoy doing the traditional acrylic more but it's also nice to be able to do both types so I don't get bored. I also find it helps to lessen the strain with my cubital tunnel syndrome(my elbow)if I go back and forth from digital to traditional painting.

Making changes on a painting is easier on the digital pieces, although, if I scan my traditional art into Photoshop, I often make changes without having to start over.

June said...

Thanks for the reply. I am slowly finding a way of working digitally myself.
Digital seems to be an option that allows for lots of adjustments with ease, so it seems a good one to have available.

jpdmom said...

I can appreciate both mediums, I come from a computer art degree and many years in animation and digital art. Now I do all my work with acrylics and "press" the art into tiles - both ways are very satisfying. I love your art style. The Blog looks great, glad I found it!

Kate said...

Phyllis - I really like the traditional acrylics best. I guess perhaps because the market is so saturated with digital art right now. I would love to get a Wacom tablet of my own and try it out, and I thnk I could enjoy using this method. But it is still so nice to see artists using the traditional media.

BTW, I saw this illustration on the Picturebook site and fell in love with the character (the bottom one). She is such a sweet girl! Your artwork gives me an idea of what kind of heart you must have as a person.