I'm not
'all thumbs'
when it comes
to thumbnail sketches.
I have
of these
doodles. When the ideas pour in - I jot them down in one of my many, many, lined spiral notebooks (not sure why I like the lines?)
They keep my millions of doodles safely tucked/stuck in a notebook.
Safe, till I remember... which notebook?

My favorite place to do thumbnails is in the car ... well, when I'm not driving. Although, I admit to jotting ideas down at a stoplight.
(and getting a honk or two when the light turns green! : )

Thumbs-up to thumbnails!
Here's a sample of my barnyard idol thumbnail sketch and final art. ~Sharon V


salmonowen said...

Porky's 15 minutes of fame -- cute idea! Good idea, carrying a notebook everywhere. Maybe the lined pages are less intimidating than plain white sketchbook pages!

Breadwig said...

Yay for another thumbnailing passenger! I love drawing then too.

June said...

I love this piece, and it is great to see how the original idea came together to the finished piece. Thanks for sharing.
I too keep favourite scribbled thumbnail sketches stuck into note books in the hope that one day they will bring inspiration for something bigger.

Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks! ~Sharon V