New & Green at Blogs

I think this is the place I post a message. Just thought I'd get adventuresome and include a graphic - Egad it works! This is an image of our local "Jet-Express", a high speed catamaran.
We publish this coloring & Activity Book annually and distribute it to all the gift shops and family oriented businesses featured in the book.
We usually have an influx of hundreds of thousands of visitors who vacation (or take holidays) in this destination spot in the western basin of Lake Erie.
Let me know folks how this post is received, any suggestions at this point would be well received.
Grant & Jodie McCallum


June said...

Well done, you blogged!
Looks like a jolly, activity packed book too :o)

karen lee said...

I've been on the JetExpress! My family had a vacation spot in Marblehead (okay - it was a trailer) and now my sister does too (yes, a trailer). Great place to visit - always nice to have family with a beach place.

Very cute cover.