Buller's Tarot

I just posted my tarot deck on our website. Whenever I start to color a new book I feel as though I may have forgotten how to use watercolor. So I would do a tarot card or two to warm up. I started doing this in 1991, and by 2003 I had the deck completed. I am not really much of a mystic, but I enjoy playing at being a fortune-teller, and I enjoyed riffing on the traditional symbolism of the tarot. Some of the cards contain characters from the books I was about to begin. I would have liked to have put the cards on our website in such a way as to provide anyone who wanted one their own randomly-chosen tarot spread, but this is way above my head technically. If anyone has any information, though, about how this might be done, please pass it on.

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Sharon Vargo said...

Looks like you created a great fortune with your watercolor warm-up deck of cards!