Sketching from Life

Hi everyone. I'm interested in the idea of sketchbooks. I have one of those little moleskin sketchbooks I try to keep in my purse, and when I'm waiting for my kids at violin lessons, swim school, whatever, I try to draw. Recently, I picked up a copy of Danny Gregory's latest book, The Creative License. (If you don't know about Danny, check out "" Talk about a great blog!) Anyway, he encourages everyone to journal through your sketchbook, drawing what's around you every day. So I've been trying that and really enjoying it. He also recommends using an ink pen instead of pencil, and making a slow, deliberate line while you really look at what you're drawing, instead of quick, scritchy scratches. Of course, when you're drawing quick-moving kids, that's not so easy! Anyway, here are a couple of pages from my little sketchbook. I'd love to peer into other people's personal stash of sketches. Anyone?

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Paula Pertile said...

Those are nice sketches Janet.
You've inspired me to go to the art store and get myself a little moleskin book and get back to sketching.
I love how when you look at sketches months or years later you can remember everything about that moment ~ the smells, the way the air was, what music was playing, etc. (well, sometimes).
Glad you shrared those!

June said...

Lovely sketches. I especially like the child with the violin under his chin... such expression in his face.
I am very poor about keeping a sketch book but I keep intending to go out and draw. Maybe with the warmer weather it will happen.

salmonowen said...

Thank you for the comments, Paula and June. You're absolutely right Paula, the sketches really do bring memories back -- even my mood when I was drawing it.

And June, as I recall, that boy with the expression seemed like he really didn't want to be there that day.

Sketch on,

frajil said...

My son gave me Danny Gregory's journal acouple of years ago, trying to encourage me to keep my sketchbook going. And although I am terribly inconsistent about keeping up with it, my drawings from those pictorial journals are among my favorites. He also gave me the most beautiful sketchbook, but the thought of making a bad drawing on that gorgeous paper. . . well, it remains blank to this day. Did you know it is the same Danny Gregory who makes those really schmaltzy Chase commercials. . . they have brought a tear, but not without feeling manipulated.
I love your sketches Janet and especially that you are so faithful to it.