I'm trying to upload my sketches - hope this works.
I recently did this for an education piece - called Orchard Street in the year 1900 - I really liked the assignment because my son and I were at the Tenement Museum on Orchard St (NYC) last summer.
I do alot of bits and pieces on sketching paper, scan to Photoshop and then tweak like crazy. Then I email the sketch.
It's a strange process because I no longer have the complete sketches on paper like I used to. Sometimes I forget this and look around for the sketch before I remember it exists only in the computer!
The Photoshop process also gives the drawing a certain look because of the way I have cleaned things up and mostly removed my "sketchy" lines, so it is more readable. Almost like a lino-cut drawing sometimes.


June said...

Buildings, perspective and lots of people! My idea of a nightmare.
I don't think I could do this at all. You are very clever at bringing all the components together in Photoshop Ellen.

Please tell me you print out a version to paper just in case that file gets lost! I need to have lines on paper on my desk or I panic.
(Old habits are hard to change.)

salmonowen said...

Ellen, this is really well done! Such a well balanced composition.

Ellen B said...

Well, yes I panic when I realize that I need to print it out! :-)
And I still do the light-table method of tracing onto
w/c paper, so I do print out for tracing.
Thanks for comments.

paula said...

I love these Ellen!


Liza Woodruff said...

Ellen, these are amazing. I agree with June, that drawing this kind of scene would be some a horror show for me.

John said...

Great work Ellen!
So the top image is the post-Photoshop sketch before you added type? Are you obliged to do all the design work as well? Before you even start on the final artwork?

Anonymous said...

John, No - I didn't do any of the design work - all the text elements were provided in place. I just wanted to show it both ways - with and without text. With the text in place it looks awfully busy, but that's the designer's nightmare! :-)
(I am entering this as anon because I can't seem to get the new account thingie to work )