Ok, here it goes. Like everyone else working in a vacuum, I wonder if the sketches I send in are overly rough, overly tight, or just right.
So far, I only gotten an occasional "what's that?" about lines that I haven't completely erased.
This sketch is from a recent project.


June said...

Great pigs!
I felt like colouring them in - how odd is that?
Wouldn't it be interesting to see how we would work up each others pencils to finished art???

I would say this is about as finished as my pencil roughs are, though mine always seem to be far too complicated with details.

I'll post something soon...

Breadwig said...

I think it looks just right!

Consie said...

I think it's just right too - enough detail but not anywhere near finished. When I first looked at these I thought to myself, "this has a perfect amount of visual information to tell me (or whoever the artist would be, if not me) what I need to get this going right, but still leave plenty of room for freshness."

Thanks for posting these... I love seeing other people's sketches.

Liza Woodruff said...

Thanks for the comments! I am glad to know that I am on target with my sketches. June, you're welcome to color them in- or paint would be even better. Then send them to this address by March 15th- ha ha.

June said...

I think I ought to clarify as I feel I may have been misunderstood.
I didn't mean to imply there wasn't enough detail in these, but that when I do sketches, the subject matter always tends to become more complicated than it needs to be and that 'I' get too tied up in silly details.