New York visit

I've just got back to Tokyo from my first ever visit to New York!

At the SCBWI Conference I met up with PBAA artists Shennan Bersani and Cecily Lang (pictured), and also Jon Buller and Barbara Johansen-Newman.

Please forgive my glazed psycho stare in this shot. You can blame it on the jet-lag.

I wish I had more interesting photos to share, but there wasn't a lot of material to shoot at the Conference. Here's the view from the Hotel room window though.

Coming in from the Far East however I was actually quite surprised how similar Manhattan is to London in many respects - the buildings are taller (of course) and the blocks squarer, but it all seemed almost comfortably familiar.

After the Conference I spent three days marching around publishers touting my meagre talents in the pursuit of commissions. I didn't take many more photos, (apart from on a boat trip around Manhattan which I'm sure would bore you all stupid), I was more focused on finding publishers, fighting off jet-lag induced insomnia and braving the biting wind of February. I was on a mission!

Was it cold? Oh yes! And it got worse with a snow blizzard the following day.

But I loved it!



Indigo Blue said...

Thanks so much for sharing these images John. Great for those of us who cannot even hope to attend such an event.
I heard about the snow and did wonder if you would get caught in it! Quite an adventure you had there...

Shennen said...

I have always wanted to meet John, I hold a warm place in my heart for him and his family. It was a delight meeting him - now, my biggest fantasy is flying June in from England and Paula in from California, getting all of us together with Barbara and throwing a grand party the likes Boston has never seen! Warmest wishes to all my friends on PBAA!