Peanut Elves

I made these elves with my kids three years ago out of pipe cleaners, peanuts, felt, and good old googly eyes (what a great invention THOSE are). Anyway, we somehow began the tradition of hiding them in funny places for someone else to find. Their pipe cleaner arms and legs make the possibilities almost endless: hanging from a light cord, riding the donkey in the nativity scene, you get the picture. In fact, there are actually 3 elves, but one is so well hidden, I couldn't find him to include him in this picture. Shame too, because he's got little skis and toothpick ski poles. He may be my favorite. They're looking a little worse for wear, but I think that adds to their charm. So does anyone else have silly holiday traditions or goofy crafts they'd like to share?

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Consie said...

I'm so glad you put in this post - I was thinking that it would be fun to share various and sundry holiday traditions. And you got the ball rolling - Thanks! As soon as I get the digital camera out again, I think I can share a few fun ones too.