The view out my window

Here's the view I've been so lucky to have the last 12 years... sitting high above a street lined with wonderful norway maples. Just now they're all glorious in golden tones, that is when it's not raining.

I really appreciate this view, since the two previous studios I had both looked out onto miserable views. I mean if you spend 5 years staring at the dead dusty cactus in the next door neighbor's window... with it's shade drawn down... you tend to remember it forever.

So this view has been fab. Sometimes I feel like Quazimodo, sitting high above the street where I can see most everything going on. All I need now is a rope to pull to ring the bells. My children used to draw pictures of the house and I'd always be sitting in the upstairs window drawing at my desk.

On a clear winter day I can see the Cascades all snow covered in the distance.


Indigo Blue said...

Wish I could see a mountain!

Sounds like you've had your fair share of poor outlooks though John.

Breadwig said...

Here I am, sitting in nowhere's ville indiana, having lived for 8 years in Seattle,