Studio Dawgs

Thanks, Farah, for inviting me to join this blog -- glad to be part of this creative and friendly mix! This is my very first blog post ever (so I do have a bit of performance anxiety -- yikes.) But here's my contribution to this furry thread: Rory and Zero. They are brothers (but not littermates). They get along pretty well, except that Zero, at not quite two, is still kind of rambunctious and annoying in a puppyish way. Rory is generally pretty tolerant of Zero's bounciness, but sometimes it's obvious that he wishes Zero would just Go Away. But here they are, curled up together on the tiny little sofa in my studio. I love having them here to keep me company. (Except that Zero, who is an inveterate kleenex-eater, has discovered that the recycling bin next to my drawing table is full of oh-so-yummy used paper towels, soaked with water color paint. Now this used paper receptacle has to live on a window sill, just like all the other wastebaskets and trash cans in our entire house. It looks very odd to people who don't know about dumpster diving dogs.)

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June said...

Hey, that recycling-dog is only trying to be environmentally friendly :o)