Sorry, another pet post!

I know a lot of folks are tired of the pet posts but I just couldn't let this opportunity go by without including my "Brandy". She is my wonderful golden retriever that will be 13 years old in January so I know her days in this world are probably numbered, therefore she gets more love and more treats then ever these days! She is the most loving and loyal dog in the world and she is my constant companion.

She has her bed in the end of my studio. This picture was taken when things were less cluttered. I will share the studio clutter on a different blog entry.

Brandy makes frequent appearances in my illustrations. If I sit too long at my drawing table or computer, it's not long before I get a wet cold nose bumping my arm to remind me it's time for another break.

It's been great fun getting to know others better at PBAA on this blog! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Phyllis H.


leanne said...

a lot of folks are tired of pet posts? Name ONE! hah! more pets more pets! And wow, animated images too! wow! Glad to hear your place is more cluttered now! how would you fit in with such a clean studio?

Breadwig said...

I gotta agree with Leanne. I love seeing the faithful animal companions of other artists! And to know I'm not alone in experiencing the cold nose syndrome.


Consie said...

And I agree with leanne and bryan - love those critters. I think that they are a very real part of our creative lives, and it's nice to have a place to bounce those images and stories of them around. And old dogs are just the best. I love, love, love puppies... but they just get better and better with age. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous golden...

Phyllis H. said...

Leanne, I really hesitated to even put the animated piece on a blog because some folks really dislike them but I just thought it helped me show how often its seems my sweet Brandy is trying to get my attention some days. There are times it feels as if I don't get much done with all the interuptions but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks for the kind comments Leanne, Bryan and Consie!

John Nez said...

Looks like a dog trying to impersonate a cat! Sleeping 22 hours a day... now there's a trouble free pet.

Except at 3 am when they want to go outside.


June said...

He he... in that animation, you are never ever going to get that piece of work finished.

Lovely companion you have there lazing under the window seat. It must be tempting to go and sit with her.

Marion Eldridge said...

I'm with Leanne and Bryan on this one - never ever get tired of seeing those pets! What a smart choice of a topic to get us going.
I love the animation too, Phyllis. I was really surprised to hear that some folks don't like them. Whaaa???
Sorry to be leaving my comment so late! I hate deadlines!

Anonymous said...

Love the pet posts!