I’m sort of pet-less. We lost our dog many years ago. She was followed by many hamsters and fish that are now resting in peace in my flower beds. I do have an aquatic frog, who was left behind by my college-bound son. I named him Romeo, and he appears on the inside flap of my new picture book. I may be pet-less, but I have LOTS of pet visitors. This is DC. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier who lives across the street. Her name should be Gladys, because she spends her entire day looking out my studio window like the nosy neighbor from the old sitcom “Bewitched.” She guards the windows and doors for any sign of vermin or UPS trucks. Yes, she’s small but never underestimate the will of a small dog. She has single-handedly—er-uh, pawedly—removed the drain spout from a two-story house as she hunted a chipmunk. Not my drain spout, but her own! Aside from DC, many of my neighbors and friends’ pets visit … but DC was the only one up for a photo shoot. ~Sharon V


Indigo Blue said...

DC is so 'silky' and soft looking and yet full of character. I can imagine she gives any delivery person something to think about!

How nice it is that 'pets' visit you too.

PS Nice frog by the way.

Marilee said...

Love your story about "visiting pet", DC! I know all about terriers and UPS trucks and chipmunks! Teeriers are so optimistic, too. My Ed will spend hours staring at that downspout on the garage. (At least he hasn't ripped it off ,yet.) Usually the chipmunk is sitting behind him in the bushes.