Ok, I'm late, but I learned from all of you who posted earlier, but haven't figured out how to layout these photos!

This is my pampered poodle, play dog and studio companion.
He has always been a high energy dog, walking me about 3 miles a day and playing every chance he can. Lots of times I have to work standing up, so that I can kick a ball for him to retrieve.... very distracting!

He's getting older now, and sleeps under my chair when he's sick, but is still ready to play with all his pals, human and animal. He's a real sweetheart.

And the green bird (Yellow Nape Amazon) is Lolita (mostly known as Hector, because we always thought it was male). Although she isn't in my studio, I can hear her singing, talking and whistling during the day, especially when people are around. She is the best 'watchdog/bird' and even bites the hands that feed her!


June said...

I have a soft spot for birds. What a beauty you have.
We just adopted a Rock Pebbler and she 'loves' Mike and dislikes me. So I understand when you write about biting the hand that feeds!

Sally Springer said...

The bird is clearly my husband's, but bites him whenever she gets a chance, but I am very careful around her.
I've heard that these Amazons are usually mean, especially those from the jungle, as Hector is.
What is a Rock Pebbler?

June said...

A Rock Pebbler is another name for a Regents Parrot. Kind of Parakeet, 16 inches long.
She is sweet and gentle but very broody just now and wants a mate.

We cared for a friends African Grey once or twice, and he loved Mike but hated me so very much. He would sneak around the house looking for me, walking (not flying) an indirect route so as I wouldn't notice, then bite me hard. He took flesh too! I have scars to prove it.