Office + Pet = Fable

I've had so much fun looking at everone's pets and studios, etc. I had to post a picture of both of mine. Fortunately our dog Fable posed demurely in front of my workspace. I cleaned up all the dirty socks from under my desk before taking the picture (my feet tend to get very hot when I'm just sitting, so I always kick them off when I'm working, but then when I get up and leave the room, they get cold, so I go and get a new pair which I promptly kick off again as soon as I sit down. It's an issue, but I'm okay with it.)



leanne said...

You need a foot spa that stays the right temperature!! :D

John said...

Wow, an artists studio with not a brush or paint splash in sight!

What a lovely dog you have, the perfect studio assistant.

John S

Breadwig said...

Leanne, ha yeah. Do they make foot spa socks? Then I could just squish around in them all day.

John, true, no brushes or paint, but note the huge pile of post-it notes schlumped up in the corner. And the green box behind the tablet PC is filled with sharpies. I have sharpies filling every nook and cranny of our house. I can't draw with them after they lose their pointy edge, but they still work so I can't throw them out either. It's an issue, but I'm okay with it.

June said...

Perhaps you could train that lovely studio assistant with the waggy tail, to bring your socks to you!

Phyllis H. said...

What a beautiful pup! It's also cool to see other's workspaces! Thanks for sharing!