My Studio Companion

It took a while, but I finally got on here. Thanks Farah! Anyway, this is Eddie, A.K.A. Ed, Eduardo, Stinky, Puppybear, Porkchop and "Bud" by various members of the family. Eddie defies death every day by laying under my rolling studio chair exactly as shown on my web page. It's mutual trust: he knows I'm always there and I know he's always there. After all these years, no accidents, except for the occasional pink, orange or blue splotch on his back from stray watercolor.



June said...

Great ears! :o)

Marion Eldridge said...

Little Eddie is adorable!
So, our little pals have a few things in common! They both have a long list of monikers and they both defy death by sitting next to those rolling wheels! I love the way you described that. Tam-O does that too. Scares me because sometimes I lose track of where she is. She jumps when I move. Well, no injuries yet.