My life is usually about three weeks behind schedule and joining this blog is no exception. I upgraded everything on my computer last week and am now (hopefully) able to figure this all out. I'm still back on the topics "studio companions" and "work environment". This is our cat Pebbles who keeps me company. She was originally named Rocky, until we found out she was a girl. My three kids were always my best companions, but this year, the youngest went off to first grade, and left me with a very quiet house.
Pebbles is showing her favorite place to lay down when I go for a cup of coffee, as well as her best side. She is a pretty, pale calico I got from my sister. She has many relatives out at my sister's farm, but she is a spoiled "townie".
On another note, a cure for artist's block I just discovered...purchase new software for your computer. The frustration of the technical drove me back to my pencil and eraser!


Indigo Blue said...

I love the solution for artists block!
Nice images. Welcome back to cyber space with your computer. It takes ages to get it back as you want it after an overhaul, doesn't it!

Ellen B said...

Can't believe you let your cat sit right up there on the drawing board!!! I do a clean search of the floor of my studio for my cats every time I leave that room! "Out out" and they must find another cozy spot. Just a one- time stroll by one of them - a few years ago - across my watercolor palette leaving little purple footprints around the house (thank heavens not on my art) set the pace. You are very brave!
Yes and great solution for painters' block. I agree.