I don't see this any more

When I look out my studio window, I'm looking into our back and side yards, with lots of trees, since ours is a natural yard. Many big white oaks, and with oaks come squirrels. I love having those critters around, but we had a squirrel problem a while back. It seems that the squirrels gnawed a hole in the wood under the eaves, and consequently found themselves a very nice cozy shelter in our roof. The hole was right outside the east window in my studio. While I worked at my drawing table, I would hear various squirrel conversations and arguments, lessons in how to jump, skip rope, or possibly turn somersaults, and of course, there was the squirrel square-dancing that went on up there. And when I would look out the window, sometimes I would see a little face looking out the hole at me. That sketch-journal entry I've added here is from September last year. We tried all kinds of ways to get them out, to get rid of them, to make the place unattractive. But they are wiley creatures, and loved their special place. We solved the squirrel problem, finally, when we put on a new roof. Since two hurricanes have struck our area since we last had a new roof, there were a few places that needed new plywood, and needless to say, there was LOTS of trompping around on the roof all day by the workers. It made working, for me, a bit difficult. But we also realized that it made being in the roof space downright awful for squirrels, and that they undoubtedly cleared out when the stomping started. So, at that time, we securely blocked off the hole, and there's not been a problem since. So this view from my studio window, tho having its own kind of charm, is a view I'm happy not to see any more.

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June said...

I love the image of them up there skipping rope and practising their somersaults!