Eldridge's Wee Tam-O-Shanter, aka Tam-O, aka Tam, aka Devil Dog, aka Diva

If she were a fancy schmancy dog, she'd be Eldridge's Wee Tam-O-Shanter. But, she doesn't care about any of that. So, her Mom never bothered to register her with the AKC.
We have a pure bred Cairn Terrier because it's pretty much impossible to get a small breed puppy from an animal shelter around here. So, twice we have adopted puppies and twice they have been Cairns. I think we are now Cairn people. Tam-O thinks so too, but she interprets that in a slightly different way than I meant it.
Tam-O is a little dog with a BIG personality. She's a people loving gal who never quite understands why everyone we see when we go for a walk doesn't come running to play with her. After all, she always stops, wags her tail furiously and many times refuses to budge until she's given them a proper greeting - and recieved her's as well. Why don't they get it?
She proudly continues to practice the family business of her ancestors - keeping the Cairns free of small game (otherwise known as rodents)! When she goes to the state park near our house (a working farm) she barely notices the cows, goats, chickens, pigs. An elephant could walk by and I doubt that Tam would take notice. BUT......should a squirrel cross our path....all hell breaks loose!
Tam-O tells me it's time for lunch now. Sorry.....gotta go! She's just a wee bit spoiled, you know.


Indigo Blue said...

She looks a bundle of glossy coated energy :o)

leanne said...

Oh she is sooo cute with that huge bone in her mouth! How full of spit and vinegar she looks!

Marilee said...

Hey, Marion, it's fun to see you have a "terror-ier", too! My Ed is a Westie, a close relative.I know what you mean about ducks, geese, horses - they can walk right up to Ed and no reaction. But a squirrel or chipmunck!! Difficult to walk him at this time of year with all the squirrels running around - you get your arm pulled out of the socket! And I have never found a squeaky or chew toy that he doesn't "kill" and destroy in 30 seconds - lol! Yet, they're such loving doggies...