Cold blooded studio pet

My son caught me reading this blog with all the pictures of pets and absolutely insisted I post this picture. This bearded dragon, named "Ohen the Strong" is actually his pet, and never allowed in my studio, but the boy is rather proud of his creature and loves to show him off at any opportunity. When we got him last year, I insisted I would not have anything to do with the crickets and mealworms which are fed to him, and yet guess who ends up digging through the little tubs of oats looking for chubby worms. Thanks for letting me (and my son) share.


farah said...

Oh! My son can relate! Michael's class just adopted "Stella" The bearded dragon. He and his class absolutely LOVE her. I actually think she's kind of cute. But...not so cuddly for my taste.

Thank your son for sharing!

Indigo Blue said...

Beautiful Bearded Dragon and his boy.(Sounds like a book title... hmmm... make a mental note to write that one down.)

I like reptiles, but can relate to the crickets too. I felt bad feeding crickets to a friend's Gekkos when we had them here for a couple of weeks.

I even feel sorry for bugs when my hens find them.
I suppose I have a problem with things eating other live things!

Consie said...

Handsome reptile! Nice looking kid, too. I'm glad somebody has posted a nice photo of a lizard. They are nifty critters. This made me think of the green iguana my daughter rescued 9 or 10 years ago. Also made me think of Stanley, who was an Uta lizard I had as a model when I was working on my book A Bold Carnivore (which is an alphabet of predators). Stanley was actually a female, but I called her Stanley because her latin name was Uta stansburiana (commonly known as a side-blotched lizard). Lovely little squirt she was, but not nearly as elegant as that lovely bearded dragon. Thanks for sharing!

Marilee said...

Cute little guy!(your son) And cute dragon, too! I know boys just love reptiles. My son always wanted a snake but I could never bear the thought of feeding time.


Leanne said...

Well, I'd be proud to have that reptilitian buddy too, and want to have it featured here! And you can be proud to have such a goodlooking son. As for the worms... whenever parents say they want to get a dog for the kids, I ask if THEY want a dog. As we KNOW who will be caring for it by default many times.