Theme #1 ~ Studio Companions: Bronte and Mel

Both are 60 pound lap dogs. Bronte is a gimpy and grumpy (to everyone but me) stumpy-tailed cattle dog. Everyone thinks she's about 13 years old, but she's really only three. Mel is a bi-color aussie boy who yips like a girl and has a working vocabulary of well over 100 words. He doesn't talk of course, he just puts his head on my knee and makes me name every possible thing he could want until I guess right.

The good thing about having two dogs with no tails is they never sweep the bottle of ink off the table like my old golden retriever used to.

I actually have a third studio companion, my daughter, who is homeschooled and sits at the desk to the left of mine. But the dogs don't talk back.


farah said...

Makes me miss my little "pups" we had a samoyed mix we rescued from the pound in 1990 (all white with one brown ear) and a cocker spaniel who looked just like "Lady" in Lady and the Tramp. They were our first "babies" and were with us for 10 years. They would snuggle up the same way.

Now my studio companion is my son, seven in December, who demands an equal share of the studio (and his side is a MESS!)

...and "bird" our cockatiel. Who is refusing to come out to his playpen because he knows I want to take a picture of him!

leanne said...

OH, I'd love to hear about you homeschooling your daughter! I wonder if I could eventually do that!