Studio Companions

I have a very large drawing table in my studio and yet I actually use a very small area in which to work. Why? Because I don't want to disturb my cats. I also find myself being careful to change the water that I use in painting frequently, in case they get thirsty. Luckily they take turns visiting me - if they both showed up at once there'd be no room for me. Tommie is an eight year old tabbie polydactyl ( extra toes) and Miss Gracie is three. -Maggie Swanson


John Nez said...

Now those cats have really just gone TOO far! My cat used to sit on my desk and watch me draw... but I guess she got bored.

I think she was probably just hogging the heat from the lamp really, though she does like to watch people work... seing as she never does any.

Now she never comes around unless it's to meow to be let out.

Marion Eldridge said...

Maggie, what a surprise that you would have cats!
They are so beautiful! And lucky too!

MJM said...

Maggie -- I do the same thing -- work around my pets. Sometimes the cattle dog plops down under my desk when I get up for a minute and when I come back, she's so cozy and loves me so much I don't have the heart to kick her out. So I sit bent over with my chair a foot too far from my desk, my arm stretched to its limit to reach my mouse and my eyes squiting to see my monitor. I'm sure this is a no-no as far as ergonomics go.

paula said...

Maggie, they're sweet. I recognize at least one of them from your illustrations!

My Charlie often plops himself on my drawing board or right across the computer shelf so that I have to move the keyboard (he often types loooooong lines of funny symbols for me by pressing one paw on some odd key). Then I'm trying to type over him, one finger at a time, so I don't disturb him. Crazy.