Studio Companions: Bella and Hopper

These are my studio buds, Bella and Hopper. Bella is the lighter one and we think she's about thirteen. She had lost an eye when we adopted her and about two years ago had vestibular something, something sydrome, so her balance is pretty bad, but she still enjoys a slow walk and some good sniffing. Hopper is one year old and a pushy attention pig. This is a rare shot-usually they cannot ABIDE being on the same bed, which leads mom to be constantly hauling various dog beds (there are four beds plus two crates out currently) from room to room to keep everyone quiet so I can get some work done. I keep buying more beds so I won't have to haul them around, but much like the proverbial bears-this one's too hard, this one's too soft, this one is too delicious (that would be Hopper :->).


MJM said...

LOL, Laura! I tried so hard to get a shot of my dogs sharing space. Finally found them head to head but of course they both had to move as soon as I reached for the camera. I love seeing everyone's pets!

June said...

Lovely photo with the shapes complimenting each other along with the colours.

One would think they always lay together like this!