Paula's Fur Family

My little fur family is made up of three cats, all of whom at this moment are restless, trying to deal with being in so early on this dark and cold night. Poor things, they only have half a dozen cat furnitures, umpteen cat beds, a special thick comfy throw from IKEA, fresh laundry, boxes with holes cut for hidey places, a nightlight in the garage and the car window open so they can sleep on the carseat, a buffet of food including salmon from my dinnerplate, toys, windows, catnip...but still its not enough, and they're all circling, waiting for me to do "drag the ribbon with the fur ball thing on the end around and around and around in a circle through the house twelve hundred times so they can chase after it", and I will, you know I will, just as soon as I finish this.

Shmoopie is the oldest, and is my "shadow kitty" who is always under my computer chair and who cozies up with me to watch TV most nights.

Isabella came next, was the tiniest little barely weaned thing with a little rat tail who blossomed into a gorgeous creature. She likes to sleep up on the shed "in her tree" all day, sleeps on top of me at night, and loves a little dab of squirty whipped cream for a treat.

Charlie is the kid of the family, and I think he's part dog. He's the roamer who knows absolutely every nook and cranny of every yard on the street. He's also the one who most enthusiastically rings the cowbells I have on the doorknobs (just for them) to be let in or let out. He sleeps under the covers and kneads my leg. Wince. The things you do for love!


June said...

Isabella is a beautiful looking cat.
I am sure the others are lovely too, but Isabella has that extra something in her poise.

paula said...

Thank you June. Yes, Isabella is drop dead gorgeous...and knows it (because I always tell her).
But of course I also tell Shmoopie she's pretty too (and she is) and Charlie knows he's handsome, and they all know they're the bestest kittie people in the universe.

Not spoiled, no...